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Plucker Screenshot Gallery

Many people want to see what Plucker looks like. How does it work? What colors does it support? What does my favorite site look like in it?

This is a gallery of screenshots of what Plucker looks like in your favorite Palm handheld device. Take a look and see if you'd like to try it out for yourself!

Plucker in Black and White    Plucker in 16 shades of greyscale (4bpp)

Here's Plucker running on a Black and White Palm handheld device, such as a Palm Pilot Professional. These devices are only capable of displaying 1 bit-per-pixel, or 1bpp; black and white.

Plucker in Black and White (1bpp)

Here's Plucker running on a greyscale-capable Palm handheld device, such as a Palm III or Palm Vx.

Plucker in 16 shades of greyscale (4bpp)
Plucker in 256 Colors   Plucker in High-Resolution

Here's Plucker running on a color Palm handheld device that supports 256 colors, such as a Palm IIIc, or Visor Prism.

Plucker in 256 colors (8bpp)

Here's the Hi-Resolution version of Plucker running on a Sony Palm handheld device that supports 320x320 resolution.

The fonts are selectable between 7 different font sizes in high-resolution mode. This is the second-to-smallest font shown below.

Plucker in 16 shades of greyscale (4bpp)
Plucker Document Library   Plucker in Multiple Languages

Here's Plucker's Document Library running on a Sony Palm handheld device in high-resolution mode. Note that the icons reflect the document location. The little blue icon indicates the document is on MemoryStick external storage.

The font shown here is the medium-sized sized font.

Plucker's Document Library on the Sony Clié

Plucker also supports multiple languages. Below is an example of the Spanish viewer showing content in Plucker.

Plucker currently comes in 13 different languages: English, Deutsch, Czech, Italian, French, Japanese, Faroan, Danish, Chinese, Polish, Russian, Español, and Turkish.

Plucker supports multiple languages
Customize your Interface   Reconfigure the Toolbar

You can reconfigure the interface to suit your viewing style. Below is an example of Plucker with the toolbar moved to the bottom of the screen.

The scrollbar can also be moved from left to right, to suit your reading style.

Both the toolbar and the scrollbar can be removed entirely to increase your reading area.

Plucker allows you to configure your own interface

Plucker allows you to move the toolbar onto the silkscreen area as well on Handera 330 Palm handheld models.

Plucker with the toolbar on the bottom
Multiple Font Support   Gesture Support

Running Plucker on the Handera 330 Palm handheld also gives you the capability of choosing from 9 different fonts to render your text in. Yes, 9 fonts.. by default!

9 font selections in high-resolution mode

Plucker supports 'Gestures', which allow you to configure the ability to 'stroke' across the screen to perform actions such as returning to the previous page, go to the bottom of the document, and others.

Plucker supports Graffiti gestures for navigation Plucker gesture configuration options
Hard-button Navigation   Reconfigurable Tap-Action

Plucker allows you to configure the '4 Magic Buttons' on your Palm handheld to perform specific actions as well, such as bookmarking a page, navigating up and down the document, going forward and back through documents, and so on.

Custom hardware button configuration

Plucker also supports three different modes of Tap Action. This allows you to tap in different regions of the screen and jump forward, back, navigate through a document, set bookmarks, or other things.

Tap Action, mode 1
Mode 1   Mode 2   Mode 3  
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